Click2Enter Inc., Sonoma, Calif., a manufacturer of emergency access control technology, was granted Canadian Patent rights for all of the Canadian Providences. “This allowance will compliment the United States and European patents under which Click2Enter currently operates,” said Pete Sutsos, president and CEO of Click2Enter Inc.

The company announced PCS Automation Services as a distributor for Click2Enter-I in Canada. PCS will enhance Click2Enter’s ability to introduce its product to Canada.

Click2Enter-I can operate within the entire spectrum of available frequencies, which are typically allocated to various public safety agencies. Capabilities allow up to 50 different authorized public safety users to operate off one Click2Enter-I device. The access control system has been deployed in the field for over five years and mandated by many government agencies in the U.S. For more information, visit or call (877) 393-3800.