The model 716 data converter from International Bar Code can be used to change formats of existing readers to make them compatible with most devices and panels. The 716 can convert, modify and restructure multiple inputs, including Wiegand, proximity, magnetic stripe and serial data. The modified data can then be output as standard Wiegand, magnetic stripe, proximity, alphanumeric Wiegand, ABA Wiegand, Code39 barcode or serial data. Proximity, Wiegand or ABA data also can be dumped through the serial interface, useful for identifying bit structures of Wiegand and proximity cards, or for analyzing nonstandard magnetic stripe data. Each of the conversion types is programmed through a serial connection using the company’s utility software. The unit also can be programmed directly using the converter’s command set, and program code can be maintained with the company’s flash update utility, allowing for updated IBC or custom firmware to be loaded into the converter. OEM customers can also order the converter board only, as well as the converter chip.

International Bar Code
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