Viscount Systems Inc., Burnaby, B.C., announced that the company has initiated a new and permanent pricing policy of providing free Mesh server control equipment for most physical security card access projects. Free Mesh servers will be available for individual sites, enterprise deployments and all U.S. Government HSPD-12 deployments. The free pricing structure is designed to simplify the sales process, maintain margins and drive market share.

“For the U.S. government and HSPD-12 the major issue is finding budgets based on the enormous cost of replacing equipment. To comply, it is a given that agencies must replace every reader at every building with HSPD-12 readers. We eliminate the entire cost of new panels using free Mesh servers and solve the budget problem facing every facility and agency,” said Stephen Pineau, CEO of Viscount.

For more information, and to look at a 48-page brochure and technology overview of Viscount’s Mesh platform,