The VT900-3 transmitter from Applied Wireless Inc. is available in two 900 MHz,NTSC/PAL versions. The model VT900-3A conforms to FCC Part 15 requirements forunlicensed use, and provides range up to approximately 800 feet. The model VT900-3Bis a higher power version reserved for law enforcement or military applications,with a range of up to approximately 3,000 ft. The range of both versions canbe increased when used with an optional high-gain directional receiver antennasuch as a flat panel, which are separately available. VT900-3 transmitters havecolor and black-and-white capabilities. Frequency is stabilized through the useof a crystal reference. In the matching VR900-3 receiver, a low-noise, front-enduses dielectric filters and SAW filters in the IF stage to increase sensitivityand selectivity. The transmitters and receivers provide three user-selectablechannels, spaced 8 MHz apart for simultaneous operation of multiple systems inan area.Applied Wireless Inc.
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