The Facility Commander Wnx platform from GE Security integrates and unifies mission-critical physical security applications. Access control, video surveillance, alarm monitoring, intrusion detection and photo ID are incorporated. System administration, monitoring and video surveillance can be performed from any workstation on the network. Operators can manage security from a single application, providing immediate access to information, reducing reaction time through event-driven system automation, and increasing response effectiveness. Built on standard Microsoft technology, Facility Commander Wnx harnesses the Windows operating environment. A single operator can simultaneously view more real time data, assess the relevance of an event and execute appropriate responses with intuitive navigation. The open database and Application Program Interface (API) provide flexibility to integrate with existing infrastructures and to adapt to customer specific applications and business systems. There are three scalable configurations of Facility Commander Wnx–Professional, Enterprise, and Global. All three versions will be available in early 2007.

GE Security
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