Home Automation Inc. is offering part number 38A06-2 for custom laser-engraved buttons for the company’s six-button room controller and eight-button house controller, which are part of its HAI Lighting Control (HLC) line. All HLC products are UL-listed and use a digital communications standard for lighting and home control called Universal Powerline Bus (UPB). HLC products work as standalone without a home control system; however, when an HAI home control system is added, the user can change light settings by the time of day, a set schedule, by the triggering of events, via a telephone call, or by a computer connected to the Internet. The six-button room controller is used to control all lights in a room or area. Lights may be turned on, off, dimmed, brightened, and set to four different scenes. The eight-button house controller is for master lighting control and shows the status of up to eight rooms. If any light is on in an integrated room, that button is illuminated. Pressing the house controller button will turn all of the lights in that room on or off.

Home Automation Inc.
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