Speco Technologies’ triplex digital video recorders include the IP-based family members, DVR-16TS/750 (240 fps) and DVR-16TT/750 (480 fps). The DVRs feature MPEG 4 and offer simultaneous recording, live viewing and playback. A 750 GB hard drive is standard and it can be configured up to 2.25 TB. The 16TT/750 also features real-time recording and capabilities such as EZ Record that sets the number of days to record, EZ Copy, which allows user to “autocopy” what is playing on a CD/RW or USB flash drive, and EZ Install for quick installation. A third model, the DVR-16TN/750 features a 750 GB hard drive, pre-alarm/post-alarm recording, a USB 2.0 port, and a standard built-in CD/RW or DVD/RW.
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