A new generation of DVRs from Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America significantly boosts hard drive recording capacity. Available in three hard drive capacities, the DX-TL5000U features up to 150 percent more internal recording capacity and a powerful new user interface that allows for simple, intuitive operation. The DX-TL5000U provides a compact, all-in-one-box solution for the most demanding enterprise-class security recording applications in hard drive capacities of 1TB, 1.6TB or 2TB (previously 750GB). For particularly demanding applications requiring powerful, long-term recording capability, Mitsubishi offers the DX-ZD5UE, a 1TB HDD extension unit designed to maximize the storage capacity of the DX-TL5000U. Up to 7 DX-ZD5UE units can be connected to the DX-TL5000U via USB connection, and with 16 cameras connected in standard mode at 1 PPS record rate for each camera, internal and external storage for the 2TB DX-TL5000U maximizes at 9TB, providing 312 days of continuous recording. Built on a Linux operating system, the DX-TL5000U ensures integration into a high-end security system with little risk of system crashes, reboots or images stalling.Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America

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