The CA3000 software management system, from Continental Access, provides the integration necessary to bring all of your security technologies into one easy-to-use graphical interface

Scaled up or Scaled Down, this Software Has Power

Protective Security chose Continental Access CardAccess 3000 for its scalable architecture and flexibility, features that fit its clients’ requirements.

Continental Access, a Napco Security Group company, has been gaining ground and visibility in the Washington D.C. – Baltimore, Md., area recently, partly because of Protective Security Inc., a systems integrator and the longest-standing Continental Access dealer (since 1971).

“Continental Access systems have been installed as far away as Boston, Hoover Dam and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago,” said Paul Freirich, president of Protective Security Inc. With terrorism on the rise and the recent tragic events in Virginia Tech, many institutions are setting their sights on Continental Access for invaluable security measures to bring about a safer work environment.

The scalable architecture and flexibility of the CardAccess 3000 software was the deciding factor when Protective Security Inc., began offering it to customers. Many clients sought a flexible access control system for their expanding operations. General access control needs, such as in-and-out card readers and access control to restricted areas to select employees, makes CA3000 an all-in-one solution. The other appealing attribute of Card Access 3000 is its ability to seamlessly integrate access control, alarm monitoring, photo badging, and other functions.

But the key factor that stimulated Protective Security Inc. to take on Continental’s extensive line of CardAccess products was the business relationships formed with Continental’s technical support throughout the years. “Nobody else in the industry supports their dealers the way Continental does,” Freirich said. (Recently, Continental’s U.S.-based tech support became Microsoft Certified and extended its hours.)

For more information, contact Continental Access at (631) 842-9400 or

The extreme reliability of RS2 Technologies’ hardware was a deciding factor in its use at PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

This System Works in the Major League

RS2’s access control products are employed at a major league baseball park to control access points and integrate the video management.

When PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pa., home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, needed a state-of-the-art access control system, RS2 Technologies of Munster, Ind., got the nod. Baseball fans will recognize PNC Park as not only the home of the Pirates, but also as the site of last year’s All-Star Game. Completed in 2001 at a cost of $216 million, PNC Park is the successor to Three Rivers Stadium, home of the Pirates from 1970 to 2000.

RS2 is a manufacturer of access management hardware and software. The company’s hardware line includes a wide range of system control processors, input/output modules, multiplexers, enclosures (see photo), card readers, and proximity and smart cards. RS2’s Access It line of access control software is considered extremely user-friendly.

RS2’s products are being used at PNC Park to control more than 100 access control points and alarm inputs with a graphical user interface. RS2 software is also being used to integrate alarm video management at the huge facility. RS2 partnered with integrator Intertech Security, because of their experience in the design and installation of systems for large public venues such as stadiums, university campuses, airports, retail complexes and other large facilities.

PNC Park, considered to be one of the foremost sports facilities in the United States, is located on the banks of the Allegheny River, next door to Heinz Field, home of the University of Pittsburgh football team, the Pitt Panthers.

For more information, contact RS2 at (877) 682-3532 or (219) 836-9002