Speco Technologies’ Digital Deterrent System detects motion by a surveillance camera networked to a DVR and triggers an alarm and a custom audio/visual warning so that a perpetrator believes he is being watched.

An Innovative Application!

Speco Technologies Digital Deterrent can be used as a marketing tool as well. For instance, in a supermarket, CCTV cameras are set up for surveillance in different aisles and networked through a DVR. In the dairy aisle, one camera is focused on the milk and motion detection is setup for that camera in the same way it is for the parking lot. A custom sound file is recorded, transported and saved to the hard drive as previously stated. Only that sound file could say something like “Cookies go great with milk. Check out our cookies on sale in aisle 5.” So when a customer passes the camera by the milk, the motion is detected and sets off the alarm, which sounds through a nearby amplified speaker, which is the cookie message. It is a unique idea to provide advertising in the store.Speco Technologies

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