Occly, redefining personal safety with the world’s first image and voice personal alarm that doubles as a home security system, announced the availability of Occly Blinc. Leveraging advanced technologies, sensors, GPS tracking, mobile app features and the Occly Safety Network, Occly Blinc delivers 24/7 personal protection. It is designed to offer advanced multi-layered prevention and protection that help deter and prevent incidents, protect and alert during an imminent incident, capture and transmit evidence to professionals, and alert friends and family and/or dispatch law enforcement to your location. At night, the device’s array of LED lights provides a strong visual deterrent and safety measure while attracting attention from people nearby. The Occly Blinc features four cameras and a microphone for always-on, real-time image and audio capture, along with cloud storage. When Occly Blinc alarms, either manually by pressing the alarm button or automatically via its motion, sound or impact sensors, it activates the siren, flashes LED lights and transmits recently captured audio and images to the Occly Emergency Response Center for real-time review of your situation. Occly Blinc also doubles as a home security solution for small living spaces or as a hotel security solution for travelers. SEE AT ASIS BOOTH 742

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