Cost-conscious users can now get the full features of larger, more expensive uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with the compact, feature-rich, Minuteman Entrust Line Interactive series. It has the features necessary to fully protect valuable and power-sensitive equipment and provides voltage regulation, spike and surge protection and back up. The Entrust Line Interactive UPS series is available in four sizes:
  • ETR500 UPS rated at 500VA/300W - 8A

  • ETR700 UPS rated at 700VA/420W - 10A

  • ETR1000 UPS rated at 1000VA/600W - 12A

  • ETR1500 UPS rated at 1500VA/900W - 12A
All models in the series can be installed vertically on a shelf in a rack or cabinet.Para Systems Inc./Minuteman UPS

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