"Train the Troops" is a free program offered to recently discharged military service personnel to train them for careers in the low-voltage industry. Charles Aulner, CEO of National Training Center (NTC), explained the inception of the program:
“NTC is dedicated to providing the low-voltage industry with the very best in training and is committed to empowering individuals and companies to succeed. Many returning service members are discharged within two months of returning from the battlefield. This does not provide them with much time to find work in the civilian sector. We wanted to give back to the U.S. troops that risk their lives in order to protect the American way of life," Aulner said.
"I thought, what better way to give back to our troops than do what we are good at, and give the very best low-voltage training to the U.S. troops; at the same time provide the industry with well trained and qualified individuals! We recognized a need on both sides for this program. Military personnel are disciplined, motivated, dedicated, and have high ethical standards. These traits are valuable to any employer, but particularly to low-voltage employers, since so much trust is placed in them by their customers. The low-voltage industry is growing, and most companies are constantly on the lookout for quality entry-level employees. NTC developed ‘Train The Troops’ to help bring these two sides together.”
NTC will conduct training for this program at no charge to the service members. In total, NTC is contributing $294,000 in training and materials to Train the Troops.
Train the Troops will be offered twice during 2008, with 100 service members participating. NTC has partnered in this program with WildBullet.com. Wild Bullet, a recruiting firm, has committed to providing its services in assisting service members in finding employment. Wild Bullet provides career placement services for qualified low-voltage professionals. Service members who complete the training and meet qualification requirements receive free career placement.
“We anticipate the industry will embrace this program and service members who have dedicated their efforts to protecting our way of life," exclaimed Bryan McLane, vice president of sales for NTC. "Who wouldn’t? It simply makes sense. No other industry has provided such a program to U.S. Service members. I’m proud to say that the low-voltage industry will be the first! Do your part, hire a service member!”
To learn more about "Train the Troops" program and how you can help, visit: www.TrainTheTroops.org