MuxLab Inc. announced one of its latest products for the security video industry – the Passive CCTV/GLI Hub (500133). Designed for applications where there is a possibility of ground voltage differential, the Passive CCTV/GLI Hub centralizes the management of video, remote power and PTZ control over Category 5 twisted pair cable in medium and large CCTV installations. The hub allows each camera connection to support either video only, video and remote power or video, remote power and control via one Cat5 cable for more efficient cabling. The product supports up to 16 cameras and provides up to 50 VDC of ground loop isolation. The product complies with EIA568 wiring standards and works in conjunction with the CCTV Pass-Thru Balun and Power-Thru Balun, as well as other MuxLab CCTV products.MuxLab Inc.

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