Transceiver hub

The Altronix HubWayH16 Passive UTP Transceiver Hub is used for the integration of analog cameras using structured cable. These hubs allow video and PTZ control up to 750 ft. along with injected camera power over a single CAT-5 or higher structured cable. This 16-channel, passive transceiver hub features a low profile 1U EIA 19-in. rack-mount chassis. HubWayH16 interfaces with any distributed AC or DC power supply. Each channel has an optional pass-through feature that bundles 3-pairs to reduce voltage drop, allowing extended camera range. The HubWayAv2 Slim-Line Balun/Combiner is compatible with AC or DC fixed cameras or PTZs. The new HubWayAvP Slim-Line Balun/Combiner is compatible with the HubWayH16’s optional pass-through power feature for fixed AC or DC cameras only.


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