Vector Security’s recent acquisition of Washington, D.C.-based Cain Security proves that the best business partners are those who share similar business philosophies, Vector stated in an announcement of the acquisition.

The company reported that, “The similarities began over 25 years ago when Vector Security originated as one of the largest Westec dealers, based in the Philadelphia, Pa., suburbs. A few years later, Vector acquired a Westec dealer in western Pennsylvania and made Pittsburgh its corporate services center.

“Over that same time period, another Westec dealer, Cain Security, rose to occupy and serve a very similar space in the electronic security industry in the Washington, D.C. area.

“Vector Security and Cain Security never forgot that both companies originated as high-end residential security providers. The long-term care of their customers is an overriding factor in every decision each company has made; including Cain’s decision to place its accounts with the right company when selling.”

Vector Security said it will retain all of Cain Security’s employees and its office in Alexandria, Va.