Home Automation Inc. (HAI), New Orleans, La., a manufacturer of integrated automation and security products since 1985, announced that integration with Dynalite is complete and a connectivity partnership has been formed. 

HAI Omni and Lumina home control systems now have two-way integration with Dynalite’s lighting system. The integration allows individual Dynalite lighting areas to be controlled by an HAI controller. Dynalite’s areas are used to group related lighting points by the area/room they are in. Dynalite lighting areas can be turned on, turned off, brightened, dimmed, set to a specific preset/scene, set to a specific level and toggled on/off.

HAI’s Omni LT supports 16 Dynalite lighting areas. Omni II, Omni IIe, and Lumina support 64 Dynalite lighting areas. The OmniPro II and Lumina Pro support 255 Dynalite lighting areas. The HAI controller monitors the Dynalite network for changes to Dynalite lighting areas for real-time updating of status. A change in the state of a Dynalite lighting area triggers an event in the HAI controller that can be used in automation programming. For example, a button on a Dynalite keypad could toggle the state of a Dynalite lighting area which could cause the HAI controller to initiate an automation sequence.

"This is another important integration for our international customers," explained Allison Read, HAI’s director of international sales and marketing. "It expands HAI’s options for the 220/230 V market and allows HAI to control more than 13 different lighting connectivity partners, in addition to our own HAI lighting control product line."

HAI also announced it is now shipping its 2010 HAI Product Catalog. The catalog is currently available in two formats, print and electronic PDF. It is also being included on HAI’s 2010 Automation Simplified CD, and is currently being developed into an online Flash version.

The Product Guide features products currently shipping and products scheduled to be introduced in 2010, including updated promo kits for easy selection, new wireless security products, ZigBee Energy Management products and the IP-based product suite which includes Ethernet touchscreens.

Like all of HAI’s printed marketing literature, the 2010 HAI Product Catalog is free and can be downloaded from HAI’s website at www.homeauto.com or a printed copy can be ordered by calling (800) 229-7256, x 226, or emailing sales@homeauto.com.