Leveraging its design, installation and monitoring capabilities, Diebold Incorporated, North Canton, Ohio, modernized fire and security systems in a 116-year-old historic building serving as the main branch of First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Greene County, Pa. Diebold installed the integrated fire and security systems at the Waynesburg, Pa., branch through its Fire Detection Solutions and Services offering and is providing comprehensive monitoring services under a single contract. Diebold will monitor the Waynesburg branch, as well as additional First Federal branches, from its award-winning Monitoring Center in Green, Ohio.

First Federal opened its Waynesburg branch in 1946 in the historic building, which previously housed a bank and hardware, grocery and clothing stores. Built in 1895 the two-story building has a thick stone foundation, plaster walls, high ceilings and difficult access points for wiring runs. The branch also includes an adjacent office building and a detached structure housing an automated teller machine (ATM). Anticipating the challenges of working in an old and complex building, Diebold created a layout of the entire facility to provide First Federal with updated, accurate floor plans and ensure planning and installation efficiencies.

Diebold employees certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) designed First Federal’s new fire monitoring system to meet local codes and regulations. The system includes updated pull stations, annunciation devices, heat and smoke detectors and other sensors. In addition, Diebold upgraded the building’s elevator sensors and interface, programming the car to automatically travel to the first floor when an alarm activates. Most importantly, the fire monitoring service enables Diebold to immediately notify the local fire station for prompt responses to alarm events.

“The new systems from Diebold represent important safety upgrades for our institution, providing us with more robust and responsive solutions to better protect our customers and assets,” said Charles W. Trump, Jr., assistant secretary, First Federal. “Our legacy fire system was not monitored, so our branch is now more secure with Diebold delivering rapid notification to emergency personnel.”

The security alarm and monitoring system Diebold installed at First Federal’s Waynesburg branch includes motion detectors, surveillance cameras, digital video recorders (DVRs), teller station emergency buttons and various alarms.

“Combining fire and security solutions under a single-source provider gives First Federal an integrated, life safety solution,” said Mychal D. Kempt, vice president, North American sales and service operations, Diebold. “Our extensive services infrastructure and advanced technology enables Diebold to deliver an end-to-end solution to the institution, while providing centralized monitoring over multiple branches.”

Diebold’s Monitoring Center, which is Five-Diamond certified by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), will monitor the fire and security systems at the Waynesburg branch and security systems at other First Federal branches. In addition, Diebold will test and inspect the Waynesburg fire system annually to ensure all components are performing properly.