Matrix Systems, Miamisburg, Ohio, now offers Frontier™ Web Essentials, a low-cost, out-of-the-box Web-based access control system developed for its new network of resellers. Frontier Web Essentials is a low-maintenance, user-friendly access control system that electrical, sound/communications, security integration, cable installers and other resellers can provide to their small to medium-sized customers.

Frontier Web Essentials uses the HID VertX™ controller and embedded software with fully encrypted IP connectivity that controls up to 16 doors and 500 cardholders. The system is designed for unattended administration; however, end users can choose to monitor and control door access 24/7 from an on-site or remote personal computer using a standard Web browser.

Resellers sell and install the controller, door card readers and electronic door hardware. Any required engineering/application services, technical training and 24/7 customer support are provided by the reseller or optionally may be acquired from Matrix Systems.

Frontier Web Essentials also offers several benefits of server-based solutions such as IP-based live video stream cameras, DVRs, NVRs and integration with alarm systems and a central station. Even with those features, the system doesn’t require software installation or licensing, a dedicated PC or monthly subscription fees. Encoded employee badges for operating door card readers are personalized and supplied by Matrix Systems, thus eliminating the expense of an on-site badging station.

“This basic, low-maintenance system is perfect for resellers looking to increase sales and installation profits with an access control product using their existing staff and supported by the technical expertise of Matrix Systems,” said Jim Russell of Matrix Systems. “Resellers can now add security benefits for their small and medium-sized customers needing access control, but without all the bells, whistles, equipment, training and back-up support that’s associated with an enterprise system.”

Matrix provides turnkey, IP network-ready security management systems for organizations of any size and type. All Matrix solutions are developed using open architecture design standards. For information visit or call (800) 562-8749-Opt. 2.