Milestone Systems, Copenhagen, a provider of open platform IP video management software, announced that Jesper Balser took over the reigns as chairman of the board. Ole Stangegaard, who held the position for nine years, chose to resign and enjoy his retirement. Jesper Balser joined the Board of Directors for Milestone in late 2009.

“Jesper Balser has challenged and inspired us since the first day he became a member of the Board. I am sure that as our Chairman he will drive us forward on our track of continued growth. Jesper supports Milestone’s strategies to win larger market share in the coming years,” said Lars Thinggaard, chief executive officer (CEO) and president of Milestone Systems. “Jesper Balser has strong experience in developing global channels for software business, and we are pleased to gain from that expertise.”
In 1985 Balser co-founded Navision and as CEO steered that company’s growth to become an international provider of ERP business management software, taking it public in 1999. That company was acquired by Microsoft Corporation in 2002 and became a new division called Microsoft Business Solutions, where Balser served as Head of Global Strategy for a time.

“It’s a gift to get the opportunity to stand at the helm of a company that has it all: the market for Milestone products is in steady growth, partly because the security market is in focus and partly due to the migration from analog to IP-based video surveillance. Milestone furthermore has a business model that makes it possible to service the global market effectively - with motivated employees who dare to set high goals and the will to achieve them,” stated Jesper Balser, chairman, Milestone Systems.
The number of Milestone employees has expanded to 215 from 151 in 2008, growing consistently since the company was established in 1998. In 2009 Milestone continued to increase investments in product development, up 15 percent from 2008. In parallel, Milestone collaborates with over 80 hardware manufacturers to ensure that XProtect software supports the latest choices in network video cameras and encoders – over 800 different models to date.