As part of its newly invigorated commitment to technology innovation, reduced time to market, customer satisfaction and product quality, Pelco management announced several internal operational changes.

Greg Millar was appointed to the newly created position of chief technology officer. He is responsible for discovering and developing emerging technologies that drive innovation and leadership within the IT/IP and HD video markets.

As part of a complete company focus to bring product offerings quickly to market, Pelco consolidated its engineering team under a single vice president; Ben Kimbell accepted the position of vice president of engineering and product development. The position combines responsibility for the imaging and systems engineering departments.

Providing additional help in this effort, Joel Larner accepted the position of vice president, program management. Larner takes on the responsibilities of program and project management, overall governance to process and procedures, and metrics management of the overall product development process.

With a focus on bringing new tools and capabilities to achieve customer satisfaction, the Pelco Product Support Department is now under the leadership of Joanne Weber-Fosnight, who was named vice president, product support. Her responsibilities include the global functions of technical support and warranty/repair service, product support engineering, and CSIS. The Pelco Global Training and Quality Assurance Departments respectively report directly to the sales department and the operations department.

“With our Technical Support Department now focused exclusively on customer issues, and with quality assurance now embedded within operations, our team will be even more focused on customer support on a global basis and be able to very proactively address any product quality concerns,” said Dean Meyer, Pelco president and CEO.

Marketing has been consolidated with sales under the leadership of Cliff Holtz, who serves as senior vice president of America sales and global marketing following the retirement of Jim Brannan, senior vice president.