Windy City Wire, Bolingbrook, Ill., announced that after a month-long promotion of their Peel-N-Go™ wire labels they donated $36,122 to the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) Wounded Warrior Care Project.

The CSRA Wounded Warrior Care Project is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Augusta, Ga. dedicated to creating the model for harnessing state, federal and local resources that benefit wounded warriors, and ensuring wounded warriors receive coordinated care, family reintegration skills after combat through marriage and family workshops, and training and education that leads to employment.

Windy City Wire’s donation check was presented at the September 3 KISS concert in Chicago, where the band announced that their own contribution to the CSRA Wounded Warrior Care Project was at $312,668 (as of 9/3/2010). Video of the presentation can be viewed at

Rich Galgano, founder and chief executive officer of Windy City Wire had this to say about his decision to get involved and contribute to this effort: “It appears to me today that for whatever reason we no longer hear about our war on terror. Iraq and Afghanistan have taken a backseat to the economy, and as a society, we are no longer exposed on a daily basis to the trials and tribulations these young men and women face everyday. But the reality of war and the cost of war was brought back to my attention through exposure to the CSRA Wounded Warrior Care Project. I was informed of this veterans program through the efforts and involvement of KISS®. While we will never be able to fully pay the debt owed to these men and women, the best thing that we can do is to not forget them and not to leave them behind. In the future, our company intends to use our contacts in the business community across the country to not only support these men and women with the resources they need for rehabilitation, but we intend to do what we can to help these American heroes get back on their feet financially, through job and career placement.”

For information about the CSRA Wounded Warrior Care Project, visit