The city is looking to install additional VIVOTEK cameras at other intersections. Paganik described. “We were extremely pleased with the solutions that were engineered, which met our needs very well.” Image courtesy of Vivotek.

Phoenix, Ariz., the sixth largest city in the United States, has 1,097 intersections with traffic signals, and the number is growing. With 96 of these signalized intersections using closed circuit surveillance cameras installed to monitor traffic, VIVOTEK cameras account for 88 of the intersections with the completion of a project in October 2011.

The City of Phoenix selected electrical contractor AJP Electric to supply and install cameras for the project, as well as provide system integration services. After AJP Electric proposed VIVOTEK SD8313E, it was evaluated and selected as best meeting the project’s requirements. This camera, according to AJP Electric’s project manager Michael Paganik, offered the best of set of features at the target price point.

VIVOTEK SD8313E is a high-performance speed dome network camera designed for demanding outdoor surveillance applications. To cope with difficult high-contrast lighting and ensure clear footage 24 hours a day, the SD8313E incorporates Wide Dynamic Range Pro technology, delivering image quality similar to that produced by the human eye under similar conditions, according to VIVOTEK. To enable the broadest possible field-of-view, the SD8313E offers continuous 360-deg. pan and 90-deg. tilt, while 36X zoom is available for close-ups on subjects of interest.

Due to Phoenix’s harsh climate, one of the city’s most important requirements is that the camera be able to operate smoothly even under adverse environments. VIVOTEK SD8313E fit the bill for this project. Not only is its IP66-rated weather-proof housing sealed to prevent water and dust ingress, but with its operating temperature range of –40 deg. C to 55 deg. C, the SD8313E can perform reliably during Phoenix’s famously torrid summers, according to VIVOTEK.

AJP Electric Inc., the programmer/installer of this project, chose Luxriot, an open architecture video management software, as the traffic monitoring platform. Luxriot accepts MJPEG, MPEG4 and H.264 as well as HD and high-megapixel video streams from network cameras, encoders and video capture boards. Luxriot was compatible with VIVOTEK cameras and very user friendly. According to AJP Electric, VIVOTEK and Luxriot were highly cost-effective and met the customer’s demands very well. Both parties provided excellent customer services and worked diligently on the firmware in Luxriot for VIVOTEK SD8313E.

Caption: The VIVOTEK SD8313E delivers video footage of traffic at 88 of Phoenix’s busiest intersections. Image courtesy of Vivotek.

“We have had great success with this project and greatly appreciate the customer service that VIVOTEK has offered,” said Michael Paganik, project manager of AJP Electric. “The shipment was quick and arrived sooner than expected.”

VIVOTEK engineers also worked closely with AJP Electric and the City of Phoenix to quickly implement new firmware adjustments requested by the city. “This level of service was greatly appreciated,” Paganik said. After the firmware was finalized and the field testing completed, the SD8313E was approved for use by the city.