SoleraTec LLC introduced a new module of its Phoenix RSM surveillance video management software that will extend the retention and archiving capabilities of a Milestone XProtect™ video surveillance installation. This new module, Phoenix RSM-ME™ (Milestone Extension), features interoperability with Milestone’s XProtect product line to replicate and store recorded video feeds from the Milestone system. By replicating video into the Phoenix RSM™ forensic storage solution, organizations can greatly expand their retention ability and provide even stronger overarching management of all recorded video. This new functionality significantly extends end users’ ability to quickly search and review video footage, no matter how long ago the video was recorded or where it is stored.

Phoenix RSM’s video lifecycle management capability enables organizations to record and store vast amounts of video surveillance footage for quick and easy search and playback at later times. By communicating directly with the Milestone server, Phoenix

RSM-ME extracts video in its original quality and resolution at high speed. Phoenix

RSM-ME allows users to either save the extracted video in the same format as Milestone or save the video in H.264 loss-less format that reduces storage requirements by 30 percent to 70 percent without losing any video quality.

“The synergy of the Phoenix RSM-ME module to extend the retention and archiving capabilities of the Milestone XProtect family highlights the open platform design from Milestone,” said Reinier Tuinzing, distribution manager for Milestone Systems Inc.

Megapixel and HD cameras can now be used without concern for storage limitations. The Phoenix RSM-ME solution allows high-resolution video feeds to be stored on lower cost storage devices while Phoenix-generated low-resolution companion files remain on primary storage for ultra-fast search and video playback.

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