Milestone Systems Solution Partner EnviroCOMS has created advanced digital weather models, smart data analytics and reporting, and a system for storing and managing manual and real-time environmental data. They have developed an advanced environmental digital asset management system that can communicate with a VMS through a cloud-hosted infrastructure for a large-scale system that works globally monitoring video while processing environmental data and analytics.

Chris Lane, co-founder of EnviroCOMS’ head company CoastalCOMS, said the company has used Milestone XProtect software in its solutions since 2009. The system primarily monitored wave heights, measured shoreline erosion and calculated beach population density. “We use the Milestone software rules engine to drive cameras based on time profiles,” said EnviroCOMS senior application developer, Nigel Sim. “We glean recordings for those profiles where our video extraction and processing (VEAP) system digs through the workflow and processes the results.”
EnviroCOMS has now built a self-monitoring data asset management system robust enough to handle all types of environmental monitoring. They recently created a smart water application for the Australian city of Townsville as part of the government’s Sensor-Q project. This unites James Cook University and CoastalCOMS in a practical applied science and research project supported by a grant from the Queensland Government Accelerate Program.
As part of the Sensor-Q project, the city council in Townsville is also leveraging Milestone VMS to create a smarter, more sustainable city. EnviroCOMS is using Milestone video technology to develop a low-cost system that monitors urban water usage and measures water quality from creeks and streams.
“Our custom environmental data management system leverages Milestone for a solution that measures water level on spillways and records video of certain positions of a dam,” Lane said. “It stores video archives and processes environmental data and advanced environmental analytics. It’s more than just security. It’s a business intelligence application.

“Milestone has become a critical tool for us,” Lane added. “We’re leveraging its video capabilities to monitor major environmental changes, which will help us make more informed decisions about how we take care of our precious natural resources moving forward.”