The Z-Wave Alliance, the consortium of companies dedicated to establishing Z-Wave as the standard in wireless home control, has added 2GIG Technologies, a player in residential security.
“The security alarm panel is evolving from a security solution into the hub for total home management — from lighting to energy management,” contends Raoul Wijgergangs, chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance. “And it’s the security vendors — such as 2GIG — that are leading the charge in innovation and deployments with services that solve multiple issues in the home all enabled by Z-Wave home control.” 2GIG Technologies manufactured a self-contained security and home management system, its GO!Control security panel, allowing consumers to monitor and control their home from any remote location.

“2GIG has been a member of the Z-Wave Alliance since 2009, and we’re thrilled to be invited as a principal member,” says Todd Santiago, president for 2GIG Technologies.

Z-Wave is a wireless mesh networking technology that allows a wide array of devices in and around the home to communicate including lighting, appliances, HVAC, entertainment centers and security systems.