Napco Security is a member of Z-Wave Alliance with its iBridge line of interactive remote services — including lighting, appliance, locking and temperature controls available through the iBridge App for use on any smartphone or smart device, and uniquely remote-configurable by dealers from their smart devices, too, for No-Roll™ customer service calls and service enhancements.

NAPCO iBridge™ Online Remote Services Product is a slim line, Android-based tablet computer, Internet-enabled, and uses 802.11 WiFi; it will put security and more at the fingertips of security accounts. iBridge will provide users with the ability to interact and control their Napco security system, view live video cameras and recordings, and control thermostats and lighting — all from one easy-to-use tablet/touchscreen.

Z-Waveis a wireless ecosystem that allows home electronics communicate with each other and the end user via remote control. It uses simple, reliable, low-power radio waves that easily travel through walls, floors and cabinets. Z-Wave unifies home electronics into an integrated wireless network, with no complicated programming and no new cables to run. Any Z-Wave enabled device can be added effortlessly to this network, and many non-Z-Wave devices can be made compatible by simply plugging them into a Z-Wave accessory module. In seconds, your device gets joined to the network and can communicate wirelessly with other Z-Wave modules and controllers.

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