The DB Starter Kit from AAMP of America Home, Clearwater, Fla., combines a complete assortment of tools and connectors for security and structured wiring installations, saving custom home installers valuable install time and making for stronger, more reliable connections. Along with a fit tool (FIT-59) and strip tool (PSA59/6), the DB Starter Kit includes the CablePro radial bubble compression tool (CPLCRBC) for use with the specialty Double Bubble (DB) F, RCA, BNC, and hard-to-find plenum wire connectors. These connectors include the DB6U, DB59U, DB59RCAU, DB6BNCU, DB59BNCU, and DB59BNCPL4. For installing outdoor electronics like security cameras, the DB Starter Kit connectors provide moisture leakage protection for improved signals. In addition, the compression tool works with standard F, RCA, and BNC connectors, reducing the number of tools installers have to carry. And because the kit is designed as a complete solution for each step of the install process, it can limit costly errors and training time.AAMP of America Home

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