The M&S DMC-10 intercom system from Linear LLC, Carlsbad, Calif., can provide intercom and music for up to 16 different locations. Its sleek design is accentuated with detachable faceplates available for all stations in a variety of colors for easy customization. The LED controls glow a soothing blue when in use, and the door and patio stations are illuminated with white lighting for easy nighttime use. The room, patio, and door stations all mount on 2-gang junction boxes for easy installation. The heart of the system is the DMC-10H hub that mounts in a structured wire enclosure. The hub allows for the interconnection of up to eight devices that can be located up to 500 feet away. Standard Cat 5 cable is used for the interconnection. A second hub system can easily be added, giving the DMC-10 system a capacity of up to 16 stations. All the stations and the system use Type 110 punch-down terminals for fast and reliable connections.Linear LLC

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