The Elevate 6.6 whole home audio system from BreatheAudio, Hebron, Ky., addresses the specific needs of installers that are looking for simple installation to support the demands that the emerging production home market requires, and provides a price structure that meets this market as well. Elevate 6.6 is rich with features, despite its very competitive price point of $1599 M.S.R.P., which include six audio sources which are easily expandable to 12; 40 watts of power per zone; and the Allport connection hub, which cuts installation time to a minimum. Final installation is instantaneous with simple plug-and-play features. An RS-232 serial port allows for easy home-automation integration. Philips Class D digital amplification provides higher output, cooler operation and prolonged life of the system. Built-in IR pass-through at keypad controls source components offers easy wireless control specially designed to block interference from sunlight, plasma and fluorescent lighting. Easy-to-use keypad programming lets homeowners adjust bass, treble, source grouping, party mode and volume reset, with two button-presses at any keypad in the house.BreatheAudio

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