S.R. Smith’s PoolSonix swimming pool security system was recently recognized by the Security Industry Association (SIA) as the “Best in Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions” in the New Product Showcase at ISC West. 

The PoolSonix pool alarm solution is a detection and notification system designed for swimming pool environments. The system detects and notifies the user of unauthorized access and accidental pool entry - potential drowning precursors. The PoolSonix system has a wireless immersion alarm, a wireless door/gate alarm and a universal wireless bridge that enables connection to virtually any home security system or home automation system. The system also includes a wireless in-home touchpad, a wireless siren strobe and wireless key fob for easy on/off control.

“We are very pleased and excited that the Security Industry has chosen to recognize PoolSonix as the ‘Best New Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution,’ said Brett Fritts, vice president of marketing and business development for S.R.Smith. “Anytime you are launching a new product, especially one that helps address a tragic problem like childhood drowning, it’s important to build awareness and credibility for your solution. The New Product Showcase award helps us on both fronts.”

The PoolSonix system is designed to meet the requirements of the ASTM standard for pool alarm devices (F 2208-08), as well as the UL standard for swimming pool gate alarms (UL 2017).

S.R. Smith offers an array of products and services for residential swimming pools and commercial aquatic facilities worldwide. For information, visit the link below or call (800) 824-4387.