Security Specialists LLC, a systems integrator and full-service solution provider of integrated life safety, electronic security, video surveillance and communications systems for commercial and residential clients, recently launched the DragonFly “create-your-own” security system for residential users.

Combining a smartphone app with an Ethernet-connected hub kit and a choice of internal and/or external MotionViewer cameras, the DragonFly security system installs in minutes, utilizing an existing home router. The hub can also be upgraded to accommodate Wi-Fi or cellular connections for more flexibility and service backup in the event of outages. Easy-to-follow setup instructions are provided through the DragonFly smartphone app. 

Specifically designed to accommodate homes, dorm rooms, small offices and cabins, DragonFly Security System cameras mount inside or out and provide the user with the ability to set notification alerts, stream and view real-time video, or request snapshots of camera input. When a video alert shows a real threat, the user simply taps “dispatch” on their app to send the video to the professional monitoring station for dispatch to the police and first responders. Users opting for the Premium monitoring plan get video-verified alarms sent directly to the monitoring station for automatic action when they are unavailable.

The DragonFly app also allows remote arming and disarming of the system, adjustment of camera detection sensitivity, adding users, and inviting followers to create a virtual neighborhood and help increase community awareness of outdoor events. Accessing and managing accounts can also be handled via a desktop application if the user does not have access to a smartphone.