12VDC Tester

SECO-LARM introduced the ST-BT02Q 6-in-1 Multi-Purpose 12VDC Tester. The tester is similar to SECO-LARM’s ST-BT01Q Multi-Purpose Tester, except it can perform continuity testing. The ST-BT02Q performs six essential tests in the field: 1) Continuity, to check the continuity of a circuit, wire run, or dry contact; 2) Voltage, to check the voltage of power sources; 3) Load, to check the voltage of power sources under a 500mA or 1A load; 4) Polarity, to ensure that the correct polarity is being used; 5) Voltage Drop, to check the change in voltage over long cable runs; and 6) PTC Fuse, to check the integrity of PTC fuses. The unit is built with color-coded strength-indication LEDs for load, voltage, and PTC fuse testing.


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