ISC Conference Room
The new center includes a glass-encased conference room. Each visit is highly customized and choreographed to meet the individual needs of each guest.

Security systems integrator, ADT Commercial, recently opened its state-of-the-art, $1.5 million Integrated Solutions Center (ISC) in Aurora, Colo. where customers can engage with ADT leaders and subject matter experts in customized settings to learn more about ADT solutions.

Located within ADT’s flagship customer monitoring center, the 6,500-square-foot ISC offers three vertical market showrooms. Two are permanently set up to exhibit the latest security technology in retail and banking. The third area is capable of evolving into a simulation of ADT’s other major vertical markets: chemical, education, food defense, government and healthcare.

The center includes a glass-encased conference room and a centrally located telepresence meeting room with seating for up to 20 people. 

John Kenning, president of ADT Commercial, said the new center offers a highly immersive experience for customers, allowing them to see the latest IP-based, networked security technology and services in an environment that realistically simulates their own industry.

“This new ISC is really all about the customer,” Kenning said. “We’ve created a place where existing and potential customers can meet in an elegant, high-tech setting and ask challenging questions of our experts in person or via telepresence to learn more about our offerings.” 

The ISC’s first visitors were from The Linde Group, an international leader in the industrial and healthcare gases market. Kevin Phillips, Linde’s security and emergency response manager, said he was highly impressed with the ISC’s design and pleasantly surprised to learn how ADT Commercial reaches into many other markets.

“There is a section in the ISC devoted to the retail industry and we unexpectedly spent about 20 minutes there talking about some of the technology used in that type of business and understanding how it could be used for our industry,” Phillips said. “That helped us to add to our own solutions.”

The ISC is available to ADT’s national account managers to host strategic meetings. Each visit is highly customized and choreographed to meet the individual needs of each guest, according to Sarah Konwiser, group director of marketing services for ADT Commercial.

“Planning for each visit starts nearly a month in advance to create the ideal agenda for each customer,” Konwiser said. “A well-executed visit means that ADT Commercial can strengthen its business relationships and allow us to capture the voice of our customer to gain a better understanding of their needs.”

Studies show that executive briefing centers of this type are the highest-rated interactive source for obtaining information about solutions that benefit customers’ businesses, the company stated. 

With the opening of its ISC, ADT Commercial joins several other companies offering executive briefing areas. ADT plans to expand its centers of excellence concept by adding ISCs on the east and west coasts in the future.