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Did anyone know that the folks at systems integrator Convergint Technologies wrote their own lyrics and choreographed a dance routine to Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation”? Or that a global fundraising effort for families-in-need evolved out of a marketing campaign at G4S Secure Solutions through a song download?
When one of SDM’s readers takes the time to call and point out something unique on their website or show us a new feature, I always appreciate that effort. There are some brilliant online resources in the security industry and seeing how integrators are putting the time, money and creativity into developing their websites, facebook pages and more is inspiring. We’ve been covering these efforts in our department, Digital Shuffle (found on page 146 in this issue).
This month I wanted to tell you about some of the new online resources SDM recently developed to help you, security business owners and executives, make better decisions for your companies. In addition to the all-new design of, we’ve made the site a more productive, friendly and interesting place to hang out.

Some of the new improvements:

  • Virtually 100 percent of SDM’s editorial content (feature articles, news, products, columns and departments) are now posted at, compared with only a portion of content on the previous version of the site. (You can also subscribe to SDM’s digital edition to receive the entire magazine, “as printed” in electronic format.)
  • Searching is much easier and a list of general topics on the new navigation bar shows you related articles in your search results.
  • Guest blogs! In addition to editors’ blogs, we have reserved a spot for you to share your opinions and ideas with SDM’s audience. Something on your mind that you’d like to document and hear others’ opinions about? The floor is yours… write to me at

Here’s what’s new and special:

  • Found exclusively on our website is SDM’s special presentation in celebration of Earth Day 2011. All throughout the security industry, there’s plenty of “green” activity to celebrate. Join us at, especially during April, as we highlight these green efforts from around the industry. Visit often, as you never know what new content will have “sprouted” on the site.
  • Visit’s new Multimedia section and you might see yourself in one of our Photo Galleries. As editors we attend dozens of events throughout the year, where we photograph the highlights and post the photos both in’s Multimedia section and on our facebook page at
  • One of SDM’s cornerstone issues is the May SDM 100 Report. Every year, the first person to call me when the report is published is Alarm Detection Systems’ CEO Bob Bonifas, armed with his notes and questions and prepared to grill me! If you know Bob, please tell him to check his Twitter timeline so he, and you, can get a sneak peek at the SDM 100 and other special reports we will be posting in advance of SDM’s print edition this year. Follow us at

These are just a few of the many highlights of our new website, and as you can see, the launch has invigorated us and propelled us to share the excitement. And although we’re not dancing to Janet Jackson tunes, we are doing our own happy dance.

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