SafeRise® from FST21, winner of the Best New Product of the Year Award at the 2011 Security Industry Association New Product Showcase (NPS) at ISC West, is an almost human controlled access solution that utilizes patent-pending second generation biometrics, a fusion of state-of-the-art voice, face, and license plate recognition technologies with sophisticated video, voice and behavioral analytics providing easy, highly accurate and non-intrusive recognition, according to its developer. SafeRise is well-suited for both retrofit building upgrade and new construction. It complements a part-time doorman and/or substitutes a full-time doorman. SafeRise revolutionizes the way people enter buildings by providing easy, automated and convenient access for residents and guests, while maintaining the highest level of preventive security, the company said. No key, no cards and no code are necessary. SafeRise is designed to address the commercial, government and residential real estate, allowing easy, automated, and convenient identity management access by recognizing residents or employees by the way they look, talk and walk, as well as being aware if they are in distress, and can even carry on a conversation with them and their visitors. SafeRise systems are installed and working in buildings in the United States and Israel in locations such as, police stations, schools, exclusive high-end residential high rises, elderly housings, affordable living complexes and others.

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