The Smart Gateway, a cloud-managed access point that provides a dedicated Wi-Fi network for video cameras, has been named the IoT Evolution Product of the Year for 2020. In addition to providing a secure network for WiFi cameras, Smart Gateway offers remote management features for video installations, firmware updates and customer support calls. This is the second consecutive year that has won the award, presented by IoT Evolution World.

"The Smart Gateway has changed our approach to video installations,” said Paul Keast, CEO of Emergency Response Systems Inc., Riverside, Calif. “We make sure to put one on every video account now and are adding them to existing accounts as well. It has virtually eliminated connection drops that may occur and allows us to provide the best possible customer experience. Our techs spend less time on installs and we no longer worry about customer support inquiries for internet provider changes."

To assist service providers in offering remote installations, technicians can pre-configure the Smart Gateway for a convenient customer installation experience. Unlike a third-party router, the Smart Gateway allows service providers to remotely access information about the video cameras' network, further streamlining video installations and support. This type of remote management allows for non-intrusive technical service and helps to avoid common system disruptions, such as firmware upgrades or cameras disconnected by network changes.

"Increasing the safety, security and efficiency of our partners and their businesses, especially concerning installations and support intensity, is what helps drive our innovation," said Anne Ferguson, VP of marketing at "We are grateful that IoT Evolution World recognizes the broad impact Smart Gateway has on the industry and the value it delivers to our partners and their customers. Adding Smart Gateway to video monitoring with analytics offerings creates an unparalleled, cost-efficient video solution for home and business owners."

Featuring WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup),'s integrated access point also eliminates the need to update cameras with complicated router passwords. When the user changes their home network's name (SSID), password or internet service provider, the WiFi video cameras will stay connected to the Smart Gateway's network. With this automation set in place, technicians are able to spend less time on installs and customer support inquiries for internet provider changes, and more time addressing higher priority issues for customers, in turn, lowering overall support costs