Thermal camera

The VOT-320 Thermal IP fixed camera series, from Bosch Security Systems Inc., enables round-the-clock monitoring in any lighting condition. The cameras combine the advantages of thermal imaging with Bosch’s Intelligent Video Analysis capabilities for a unique security solution for early threat detection — even in complete darkness, heavy fog or snow. The cameras provide uncooled long wave thermal images to capture heat-radiating objects up to nearly 13 ft. away. They are available with narrow or wide field-of-view lenses with a frame rate of 8.33 or 30 Hz. A Vanadium Oxide focal plane array with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels delivers outstanding image quality and sensitivity, Bosch said, producing surveillance video that is not constricted by shadows, low light conditions or adverse weather. For easy installation, the cameras conform to the ONVIF specification. The series includes rugged housings that are IP 66 rated and feature an integrated window heater.

Bosch Security Systems Inc.
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