Devices such as this wireless pet-tolerant digital PIR detector are among devices that will be ZigBee enabled.  Photo Courtesy of Visonic

The talk is about communication. Boston-based Ember Corp., with its low-power, wireless mesh networking technology, and Visonic Ltd., the Bloomfield, Conn., maker of wireless home security and safety systems and components, now have a partnership to integrate ZigBee communication protocols with Visonic security peripherals. The new devices will be dedicated for use with the iControl OpenHome software platform from iControl Networks of Palo Alto, Calif. Availability will enable broadband service providers to expand their next generation services offering to include home security, remote monitoring and home control services.

Says Oren Kotlicki, director of strategic business at Visonic, “Reliability and performance have always been cornerstones of our wireless security offering, so we work with only the best possible technologies for every application. As a top developer of ZigBee technology, Ember is the ideal partner to provide us with the communication performance we need for high-performing security sensors and peripherals for the home management services market.” The first Visonic ZigBee-driven security sensors and peripherals will be available later this year.