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I never was more intent on watching people move in a conga line as I was Wednesday at ISC West. The purpose of the conga line? The folks at Stanley Convergent Security Solutions were demonstrating the processing speed of an in-motion iris identification line of access control readers, a solution enabled to Stanley through a strategic partnership with Hoyos Corporation which was announced at ISC West. As enrollees in the system walked through the portal, some wearing sunglasses, the reader quickly processed their identities and audibly “welcomed them” by name.

Stanley announced that this partnership “will deliver a suite of the most advanced, efficient, cost effective iris-based biometric technology product solutions to Stanley CSS’s global client base. The Hoyos technology effectively eliminates identity-based fraud by securely matching people with the unique biometric markers associated with their irises.”

Under the terms of this strategic partnership, Stanley CSS has exclusive rights to distribute Hoyos proprietary technology, products and solutions in the U.S. and Europe.  Additionally, Hoyos will transition its entire current global client base, including U.S. governmental agencies, foreign governments and large corporations and financial institutions to Stanley CSS for management. The partnership allows Stanley CSS to expand its expertise in providing high-level security solutions to existing clients, especially in the government and financial sectors.  Furthermore, this partnership will provide Hoyos with the financial and operational flexibility to continuously expand its portfolio of identity-based, biometric technology product solutions.

“Hoyos’ suite of iris-scanning technology product solutions including the HBOX ®, EyeSwipe-Mini® and EyeSwipe-Nano™ provide the most accurate identification and access control solutions available in the market,” said Hector Hoyos, chairman and chief executive officer of Hoyos Group.

The Hoyos suite of product solutions scans a user’s iris at a distance while the person is in motion at the rate of approximately one person per second. The high throughput accuracy and ease of use make this device a highly attractive product for commercial, industrial and high-density residential property usage, Stanley CSS reported.

The products detect liveness in the iris in order to prevent fraud and ensure the user is a living person; the life verifier recognizes the absence of a live person and denies access.

The human iris has roughly 2,000 points that are variable from person to person, making it the most stable biometric template available.

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