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1. Plenum-rated wire can only be used in a plenum.

a) True

b) False


2. The BNC termination for coaxial cable is derived from the name

a) Bayonet Needed Compression

b) Banded Nickel Compound

c) Bayonet Neil Concelman

d) British National Conductor


3. The proper type of cable for a network hub connection to a computer is:

a) 16/2

b) 22/4

c) 22/6 shielded

d) Cat 5e


4. The proper type of cable for a transformer of a burglar alarm system is:

a) 16/2

b) 18/2

c) 22/2

d) Either a or b


e) All of the above

5. Which type of wire should be used for a smoke detector?

a) FPL


c) UC

d) UTP

e) Any of the above


6. When installing jacketed wire in a UL installation around corners or sharp bends it must be protected by at least two layers of electrical tape.

a) True

b) False


7. When installing a new alarm system, outdated, old or abandoned wire can be left in place so long as it is properly tagged.

a) True

b) False


8. Which of the following articles from the NEC governs the ducts, plenums and other air-handling spaces?

a) 250

b) 300

c) 725

d) 800


9. The bending radius should not be smaller than _________ times the diameter of the cable.

a) 2

b) 5

c) 8

d) 12


10. If the distance between the closest edge of the hole and the closest edge of the wood member is more than _____________, then no protective plate is required.

a) ¾ in.

b) 1 in.

c) 1- ¼ in.

d) 1- ½ in.


11. Which of the following can be used to calculate voltage drops?

a) Ohm’s Law

b) Kirchhoff’s Law

c) Double Declining Balance

d) Olin’s Law


12. The 75 Ohm rating of a coax cable can be measured with a traditional multimeter.

a) True

b) False


13. Alarm systems may not be connected to which of the following types of receptacles?

a) Kitchens

b) Pantries

c) Breakfast Rooms

d) May be connected to any of the above as long as they are not switched

e) May not be connected to any of the above


14. The least effective conductor for wire is

a) gold.

b) silver.

c) copper.

d) copper-plated steel.


15. Twisted pair transmission of video signals is called

a) unbalanced.

b) balanced.

c) limited distance.

d) bidirectional.


5-Minute Tech Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to 5-Minute Tech Quiz.


1. False

2. c — It is named for the designers of the termination connector.

3. d

4. d — 18/2 is recommended, but 16/2 would be a better choice.

5. a

6. b — The jacketing itself provides the necessary protection require under UL rules.

7. b

8. b

9. b

10. c

11. a

12. b — The 75 Ohm is a complex impedance calculated by the voltage/current ratio at all points along the cable.

13. e

14. d — Copper-plated steel is cheaper but the least effective of all. Gold and silver are better than copper but the expense prohibits their use.

15. b