Panasonic System Networks Company of America’s BY-HPE111KT LAN Converter is designed to convert IP camera video data to a wavelet format for transmission over standard coaxial cable. Its built-in PoE (IEEE802.3af) function allows Panasonic cameras to be installed at distances of up to 1,640 ft. while eliminating the expenses associated with localized camera power supplies. When even greater range is required, the BY-HPE111KT LAN Converter allows non-PoE cameras to be installed at extended distances of up to 6,561 ft. The ability to deploy IP cameras over standard coaxial cable allows users to cost-effectively take advantage of the latest advancements in network cameras and system functionality. The converter kit consists of a camera adaptor (model BY-HPE11R) that converts video data to a wavelet format, and a center adaptor (model BY-HPE11H) that reconverts the signal to its original format for transmission at speeds up to 45 Mbps. Up to 256 adaptors can be connected in one segment to accommodate large installations.


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