Avigilon camera at ASIS

Avigilon’s Keith Marett demonstrates the company’s new 29MP HD surveillance camera to SDM at ASIS yesterday. PHOTO BY SDM

Avigilon unveiled a number of new products at ASIS Int’l 2011 Seminar & Exhibits yesterday, including the 29 megapixel (MP) JPEG2000 HD Pro camera, which the company described as a powerful high-definition surveillance camera. Avigilon designed and developed the JPEG2000 HD Pro Camera series, which now starts at 8 MP and goes all the way up to 29 MP. Avigilon described the JPEG2000 HD Pro Camera’s clarity, resolution and detail as exceptional, saying one 29 MP camera can replace up to 95 conventional cameras and provides high-resolution, high-definition images of very large areas.

“We are very proud to introduce the 29 MP JPEG2000 HD Pro Camera, which stems from our dedication to provide our customers with excellent images and the best possible evidence,” said Alexander Fernandes, president and CEO, Avigilon.

The Avigilon 29 megapixel JPEG2000 color HD Pro camera is a high-sensitivity, wide dynamic range, progressive scan CCD camera designed for the most demanding surveillance applications. It transmits images over 100BASE-TX using advanced JPEG2000 progressive compression technology to achieve the lowest network bandwidth and most efficient image storage in the industry, the company said. The camera’s advanced image acquisition system automatically adjusts the exposure time and the iris to ensure all available evidence is captured throughout the full range of day and nighttime scenes. The camera seamlessly integrates with Avigilon Control Center NVMS and High Definition NVRs using standard network equipment.

If you’re at ASIS this week, visit Avigilon in booth 1301 Or visit www.avigilon.com.