Avigilon camera software

Avigilon added a 29-megapixel (MP) JPEG2000 HD Pro camera to its JPEG2000 HD Pro Camera series, which goes from 8 MP to 29 MP. One 29 MP camera can replace up to 95 conventional cameras, according to the company, and provides high-resolution, high-definition images of very large areas. Avigilon also introduced a new 8 MP surveillance camera that offers high-resolution and wide dynamic range. In addition, the company announced updates to its Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software with high-definition stream management (HDSM) technology. HDSM efficiently compresses and preserves image quality while managing HD image transmission throughout the system sending only the requested portions of captured images to operator workstations. Avigilon’s updated ACC software, ACC 4.10, includes new features such as synchronized active directory integration and automatic bookmark creation.


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