License Plate Reader

Genetec’s AutoVu Sharp VGA is a license plate recognition (LPR) camera with on-board processing. This addition to Genetec’s existing line of IP LPR cameras was engineered and designed with a specific application in mind: capturing plates of cars passing in a contained zone such as the entrance of a parking lot. The Sharp VGA is a lower-cost, alternative version of the Sharp XGA. Both cameras have on-board analytics processing to ensure capture of license plate images. The smaller VGA sensor represents a cost-effective solution, especially in applications where more than one camera is required. The Sharp VGA is suited for applications where vehicles are moving at moderate speeds, and the area where the vehicle plate will be seen is well defined, like at a tollgate entrance. By integrating Sharp VGA into the Security Center, Genetec’s Unified Security Platform, the camera can be leveraged for access control, to open a gate to a parking facility when pre-registered vehicles arrive. It also can be used as a security tool, alarming operators when known criminals, ex-employees, unwanted guests or stolen vehicles are seen.


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