door jamb inbody

Videology Imaging Solutions released its newest proprietary loss prevention tool — a durable, discreet door-mount surveillance camera that captures clear front-view images of exiting individuals. Traditional surveillance cameras mounted above exit doors are unable to capture a clear facial view of an exiting individual, especially if the suspect is facing downward or wearing a baseball cap. Videology’s “door jamb” camera’s 520 TVL high-resolution model captures a crystal clear view of the exiting suspect’s face from a distance of five inches to twenty feet. The camera’s conical lens has a FOV of 48 deg. and a proprietary camera lever allows for an additional +/- 15 deg. lateral adjustment, allowing optimal viewing angles even in oversized door installations. The cameras can be mounted on either side of the door frame or mullion. A glass plate protects the lens from harsh cleaning materials. The camera is prepared for top entry of a 5VDC power source or 24VAC (with adaptor). Video output is via coaxial cable with a mesh boot. Images can be recorded to a remote SD card platform, also offered by Videology.

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