TG-P in Stand

ISC Solutions booth 1709 - Telular Corporation (NASDAQ: WRLS), a leader in alarm and event monitoring solutions and services, announced today the availability of the only self-install cellular communicator that is compatible with virtually all Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) panels. Leveraging 25 years of wireless technology and security expertise, the Telguard TG-P PERS communicator reliably addresses the landline sunset and the rise of cellular adoption. Telguard will showcase the TG-P at ISC Solutions.

The PERS industry, provider of a critical service tied to “plain old telephone service” (POTS), is facing the same business threat from the demise of the landline as the security industry. According to a 2008 Frost & Sullivan report, the PERS market consists of approximately two million installed units, virtually all of which use phone lines to communicate with emergency services. Telguard, a new entrant in this market, developed the TG-P in response to the need for a robust, cost-effective solution to this rapidly growing trend that causes the loss of customers.

“It is clear that the phasing out of landlines in the U.S. is jeopardizing RMR for PERS providers,” says John Brady, President, TRG Associates. “Like the security industry, which has experienced increased RMR by utilizing cellular technology for alarm communications, the PERS market can leverage solutions such as the TG-P to address customer retention and preserve their RMR.”

Understanding that the user of a PERS solution is typically an elderly person, the TG-P was designed to be self-installed and available via mail order along with standard PERS panels and pendants. The hassle-free setup is quick and easy, thereby eliminating the need for a professional installation and reducing possible service calls.

“As we see the national migration from landlines to cellular becoming the standard in households, Telular recognizes the need to expand our technology into innovative new markets,” says Shawn Welsh, vice president of marketing and business development, Telular. “The TG-P helps PERS providers retain customers who are cutting the cord, while also delivering the most reliable way to connect them to the services they’ll need in an emergency.”

Telguard’s TG-P cellular PERS communicator ships in December and can be purchased through security and PERS distributors.

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