Alarm Control Panel

ISC Solutions booth 1507 - Fire-Lite Alarmsby Honeywell, Northford, Conn., modernized two of its best-selling addressable fire alarm control panels with installer-requested features to reduce installation/maintenance time and enhance the systems’ capabilities and life span. Version 3 of the MS-9200UDLSand MS-9050UDpanels support more notification and ancillary devices while allowing for longer wire runs using virtually any style of wire. Simplified system programming, more robust surge protection, color-coded diagnostic lights and removable chassis can reduce installation time and service calls, the company said,

An extensive hardware and software redesign in both the MS-9200UDLS and MS-9050UD fire alarm control panels has created higher-capacity, easier-to-install systems. With fire alarm voice evacuation becoming more prevalent in the U.S. market, the number of speakers and strobes required has increased dramatically, creating a need for higher-capacity systems. An optional NAC (notification appliance circuit) expander module can double the MS-9200UDLS’ Class A circuits to four. On both panels, the addition of a second annunciator circuit, commonly used to tie in remote annunciators, printers and more, allows for double the number of ancillary devices and double wire lengths which can be run in different directions using nearly any type of wire.

A quick-remove chassis on the MS-9200UDLS and MS-9050UD allows electronics to be taken out of the backbox during the initial construction phase. Once the backbox is mounted to the wall and wire is pulled, the electronics can be quickly replaced with just two bolts. The new chassis are also backward compatible with older Fire-Lite Alarms panels’ backboxes, making for easier system replacements and upgrades.

“Installers keep insisting the cost of labor and materials is increasing rapidly so we focused our attention on building upon many of the panels’ current features to reduce those areas wherever possible, “ said Gene Pecora, Fire-Lite Alarms’ marketing director. “These same features are going to be incorporated in the rest of our addressable line if they’re not already.”

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