Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell launched an online series of free, nationally accredited fire alarm trainings, covering basic fire alarm technology through to the application of specific systems in a variety of environments. Each one-hour, online course explores installers’ most requested topics not addressed within Fire-Lite Alarms’ instructor-led courses.

“These first six online trainings get into topics we regularly receive questions on, but we just can’t fit them all into the one- or two-day classes we offer all over the U.S.,” said Tom Rosa, Fire-Lite Alarms’ training supervisor. “You can take these at your own pace and once an online course is done, you’re e-mailed a certificate of completion within five days. How easy is that?”

Certificates qualifying participants for 0.1 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) are given for each online course. The initial six trainings cover:

•          Introduction to Basic Fire Alarm Technology

•          MS-25 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

•          MRP-2001 & MRP-2002 Releasing Control Panels

•          Voice Evacuation Principles

•          ACC Series Voice Evacuation Panels

•          ACC Series Distributed Audio Panels

Fire alarm dealers who want more online course offerings are strongly encouraged to send suggestions to Fire-Lite Alarms. More information is available at