Camera views

ISC Solutions booth 1537 - The new weatherproof and shock-resistant MOBOTIX D14 DualDome camera with 6,2 megapixels is a more powerful successor model of the D12 camera, the company announced.

Compared to the previous model, the D14 now offers USB and MxBus interfaces for extension modules such as I/O, GPS or RS232. The new, more powerful processor in the camera allows higher frame rates of up to 6 megapixel image format. Microphone and speaker are supported by new audio functions that include echo elimination.

With the two separately adjustable camera modules, each with 3.1 megapixels, the D14 offers a variety of ways to examine a scene since the two modules can be combined to create one image. The D14 has a digital PTZ and no mechanical moving parts.

Equipped with 90-deg. wide angle and tele lenses, the camera can for example, monitor a scene entirely and, at the same time, the tele lens can record portrait photos in front of the entrance area. The two 90-deg. lenses even allow a 180-deg. recording, for example when monitoring an entire parking lot by one camera installed on the wall. And with the digital sensor switching function, the D14 can also be used as a day/night camera since it can be equipped with one color and one black/white module ensuring the most brilliant color during the day and high sensitivity at night.

The D14 includes motion detection that can trigger both the recording as well as the alarm notification via email or VoIP call as a two-way communication. The integrated DVR can hold up to 64 GB memory and record for weeks without a PC. If needed, the memory can be extended to terabytes with an external NAS drive.

Heating and cooling are not necessary. As a result, the very low power consumption of about 4 watts via network cable (PoE) reduces investment and operating costs and provides an inexpensive backup. A stainless steel vandalism-proof design with 3 mm polycarbonate dome and elegant wall and pole mounts is also available.

The entire recording and playback software is already included in the MOBOTIX D14 camera and is accessible via a Web browser. In addition, either the MxCC Control Center software, which is used for larger projects of up to 1,000 cameras, or the easily-manageable MxEasy software for smaller applications with analyzing, administration and display features are available free of charge.

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